Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Still HERE!

My 2-Year anniversary is June 6, the date I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of metastatic melanoma, cancer. I really think the moment you find out you have cancer is a bit like finding out there is no Santa (but worse). Your world grows up in a new and scary way. All I wanted was my ordinary life back, and it became utterly clear, that time becomes more valuable than anything else is. Well, I didn't get my “ordinary life” back if I did I think that would be the sad part of the story. I had a good life but not a great life. I really think I focused on some really crazy things. What I did get is more time to have an extra-ordinary life and that is just aMaZiNg! I have danced more, sang more, laughed more, loved more, and defiantly hugged more than I ever did B.C (before cancer). My days are just better! .My life looking back on it was like drinking flat Coke, it looked good but there was just something missing. Sometimes I know hearing about another cancer story from me is like hearing about another celebrity in rehab, it just might get old. But, I can’t help but share how really amazing God is in my life. It truly is my story about redemption, grace and love. Everybody has a story in his or her life, mine just happens to be cancer. I guess you might be saying, what a silly thing to celebrate that anniversary date. It sounds so dark and depressing and it would almost seem like I am focusing on the past. This date does not define me as a girl with cancer; this date is the milestone marker of my life. You know as a  marker set up on a roadside to indicate the distance in miles you have gone. So this is my two-year marker! I ask myself, what have I done with my life in two years? Have I shown others God’s love? Have I witnessed Christ salvation? Am I being all that God has called me to be? So I will aim towards the next marker, the next milestone, I will celebrate this day with hope that I can only have that in God. After all, I am still here!

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Oh sweet one....Congratulations!! Your words touched me today. God is so Good...out of all this he gave you and "extra-ordinary" LIfe! You are such an inspiration to me! I love how you take this terrible Cancer and can embrace it ....such a stong message!
I celebrate with you today my friend. Extra hugs going your way. xoxoxoxo

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