Friday, June 25, 2010

SuMmEr FuN

I lOvE summer lOvE, LoVe, LOVE it! All the seasons have their own set of reasons to love them but summer just has so much more to offer me. Lots of fun, less clothes, flip-flops, swimming, all of my favorite fruits, long warm nights and of course ice cream. This year I decided to start my own Summer List. I got the idea from Meg at megduerkse/ whatever/the-summer-list.html . So of course, I wanted to make my own! My list is a little different from others as I don’t have little ones at home but ….I wanted each Grandbabe to know all the fun that we can have during the summer. After all isn’t that where memories are made when you are young going to Grandma’s, drinking ice tea with sugar, eating ice cream before dinner, wearing her jewelry, making great things in her kitchen regardless of the mess. Well that’s what I do! All the things I hated cleaning up after when I had my babes at home now they bring me joy. Now my house is always clean, no fingerprints on everything, no pattern marks all over the toilet (sorry I had boys), no used dishes under the bed, now my laundry is done in two hours. So I have lots of time to think of messes that my Grandbabes can do at my house. Funny how things change you work so hard when you are young to make your house so perfect for your family and then you get a little older your kids grow up, your house is perfect and then you work so hard to mess it up. Love this season of my life and especially... I love being Grandma Lolo!

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