Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Mini" and Me

If you have followed me or know me, you do know that at times I am a little cRaZy. My love of fun and laughter at times may seem a little over the top, I guess it comes from my past years of fighting depression and having so much sorrow in my life that I refuse to have a day that is not filled with joy. Joy was part of the blessings I received when the Lord gave me a new life, great package deal I might add. Well with all that said my Pastor is on sabbatical for 3 months from June1 to September 19, not only will we be praying for him during this time we have also been given this:
It is our “Mini Marty”
It is a kind of contest to take our “Mini” with us this summer to take pictures on our vacations or wherever and submit them. My photo was the first one submitted and shown on the overhead at church. OK I have to admit the quality of the photo is bad- but in my defense, first I had to put the “I voted” sticker on him, next I had a hard time getting him in a seat belt, then when I was taking this picture it was in the parking lot and people started really looking at me, can you say awkward…

I can’t wait to see how others will get creative too, but I have to admit I really want to win. Any ideas?? What makes this so great is it really does remind me to pray for Pastor Marty, I see him every morning on my fridge, and you know I am all about the reminders on my fridge. Life can be so hard sometimes we forget to have fun. When you think about it how can we share Jesus with others if we are not living a life that shows others joy. Now I am not saying you have to dress in a clown suit or be a stand up comedian, but have you ever heard someone laugh aloud and even though you have no idea what they are laughing at and somehow you feel like laughing? That is the kind of joy I am talking about the kind that others want to have just because they see it you, I call it contagious joy. So here is my challenge, go out this summer and have fun, share your joy, take pictures of you with your “Joy” make it be your “Mini Marty”.

Acts2:28: You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.

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I'll vote for you!! This Mini Marty was SO great!!!

Farmgirl Paints

That is so cute. I love your attitude concerning joy too. I struggle with depression sometimes too and your gift of joy was encouraging to hear about:)

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