Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today really was "The Best Day Ever"

Today really was The Best Day Ever! I was baptized today. When I woke up this morning, I was filled with excitement kind of like Christmas morning. By the time I got to church, my hands were shaking; it was like the waiting in line at Disneyland's Matterhorn when you are ten years old you are so excited you just cannot stand it. As I walked up to our huge baptismal tub my heart was beating, so fast I cannot even describe the feeling. A man came up to me to tell me my oldest son Ryan was there, I did not think anyone from my family was going to be able to come as my whole family is sick. That was so awesome that he came to share it with me. It turned out I was being baptized with a girl that was about twelve years old, she looked at me and said "I'm a little nervous" and I said "me too but you know what, today we are both going to share our baptism birthday isn't that exciting", and she said "we are, aren't we" and she started to smile. As I walked up I knew this is the place God had led me to all of my life the trials that I have experienced cancer, heartache, poverty, all of it could not compare to the suffering my Lord did for me on the cross. It put it all of it into perspective of eternity. As my Pastor read my testimony and I went under, I knew my life had changed. So very thankful I have a Father that loves me so much and makes me whole and clean. What a great way to start the advent season, the time we wait in anticipation of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It really was The Best Day Ever!

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We love u!!

T. J. Knowlton

Oh, how I love to hear baptism stories. Praise God. What a wonderful profession of faith! Thank you for sharing your big day!

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