Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Friday Before Thanksgiving

Happy Friday
Wow what a week! So funny just how many emotions you can go through in a week. From the highest, laughing at everything to the lowest, crying at everything. The part I love the most about this week is even in the midst of my emotional-ness God never changed He stayed the same which to me means He was there with me no matter what. I felt Him rejoicing with me, and holding me in the darkness.  How exciting is that to know someone will never leave you.... ever!!! I am so thankful for so very much and speaking of Thankfulness, Thanksgiving is only 6 days away, I am licking my lips just thinking of all the yummy things I am going to devour eat. What makes the anticipation so great this year is I will actually be able to taste it this year as appose to last year when treatment messed with my taste buds. So today I say Happy Friday and have a day of anticipation knowing God is there always!!!

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I am also thankful that the God who holds us never changes.. he is a constant.. and strong tower.

Thank you for sharing your sweet Christmas memory. Make sure to blog about it and link so you can gain extra entries too!

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