Saturday, March 27, 2010

Meet Dr. B

See this guy; this is the guy that is the head cheerleader of my cheering section. This guy is My doctor; this guy is My Dr. B. This guy is my friend. He is an incredible inspiration to so many. Dr. B loves life and wants to make sure people keep on living. He challenges me as a person and as a child of God and he also loves God. This was his first marathon and he told me it was a great spiritual experience for him and the whole time he was running he said he was thinking of me. I know you are probably thinking yea right he says that to all of his cancer patients and I actually said that to him. You know what his response was; no really, you are my hero you have inspired me. Yesterday he told me that there is NO medical explanation why I am alive and why cancer has not invaded my lungs, liver, or brain, the only explanation is that I am a miracle. I have now outlived my determined life expectancy for the type of cancer I have, and its original aggressive behavior. Therefore, I am a miracle touched by my Father's hand. Look how great God is he takes an awful situation and makes it good. He took an ordinary girl like me and made me extraordinary, He took an ordinary relationship and made into extraordinary relationship. You start with a common bond like cancer or life and you add a whole lot of God and poof you have a miracle! The miracle of life and the miracle of a friendship, today really is the best day ever!
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That is so awesome!!!!! I am so happy for you, amazed (as always) at God's weaving and rejoiceing with everyone who has been touched by you that you are doing so well!!

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