Monday, January 4, 2010

Today is the Best Day Ever

As I look back on the last 10 years, I can see that so much has happened. I lost my Mother, Father, and my brother. I was diagnosed with cancer. Left my church family and wandered from church to church to find a new home. Unable to afford to live on my own I had to move in with a family member for which I was grateful, but was so very difficult. So if I stopped here it would look like I had 10 years of sorrow, loss, disappointment.

In reality, my story of love and redemption starts because of my loss. I gained two daughters (in-law) that have enriched my life. Witnessed my sons grow into men of God, loving husbands, tender and caring fathers. I have experienced the wonder of God with the births of my five Grandbabes, and this year will be six. Fell in love, with my Savior, deeply, madly, passionately, in love. Like the wayward son, I returned to my church family to find the feast my Father had prepared for me. So looking back over the past ten years, I see the best years of my life. I can only look forward because I know today really is
The Best Day Ever!

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Wonderful! Well written and wonderful!!I love you!


What an inspiring post my friend. Many losses but wonderful gains...God is good!xoxoxo

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