Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goliath & Me

Now the story part, in my bible reading I came up to the part of David & Goliath, in my mind I was like oh yea I know this story. I have read about it many times, heard so many sermons/teachings on it, so basically it started out to be like I was reading a recipe on how to make rice. I continued to read about David’s past how upset he was that this big old guy was talking smack about God and his people, so he decides to take matters in his own hand. So he tell Saul what he is going to do, Saul tells him you are just a boy and he tells Saul all about his lion & bear experience. You probably know the story well. Then I came across 1 Sam 17:38 & 38 I know I have NEVER ever read these verses before. Saul tells David to put on his armor David puts it on take a few steps and then says, “I can’t go in these", he protests, “I’m not used to them”. I have no memory of ever reading this seriously, I had to read it again to make sure I didn’t just make it up in my head. This is the good part were the spirit of the Lord came alive to me when the text turns into a 3D experience and the words are raised as if it is Braille. It hit me David knew what he had to do for God and his people he looked in his past saw how God always protected him and he had destroyed lion & bears, then he looked ahead of him and saw a giant. He knew what the Lord wanted him to do. He could not put on Saul’s armor because that was Saul’s armor not his. It was how Saul walked his walk it was not his walk. To me it just shows how you cannot walk someone else’s relationship with the Lord you have to have your own. I have had bears and lions in my past and I know the Lord has destroyed them and the Goliath (cancer) that is in front of me may look big, but I know the Lord has given me more than enough to equipment me for the battle. I want to be as confident as David was; I want to be more like Christ.

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