Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Autumn * Happy New Year*

First, I know this may seem weird but I do not like New Year's day.  I don’t know why but to me it is kind of a depressing day maybe it is the letdown after all the holidays or what but I don’t like it. So last year I made the choice to make my New Year the 1st day day of Autumn. It was great, after all even Hallmark pocket calendars start in September!  If you think about it Autumn is the time to harvest old crops and plant seeds that will bloom in spring.

 So this year I have made a list for my
New Year
*Read the Bible in a year in chronological order I thought my love of history would make this be an even bigger blessing.
*Make a new friend each month and pray for them for that month- That is 12 more people in my life that I could learn from and maybe I will be a blessing to them.
*Dance at least once a day- even if I don’t feel like it!
*Go for a Walk 3 times a week-God has so many things to see even when it’s raining and cold
*Act like a girl throughout the month-not a tough woman but a girly girl. This may be odd to some but sometimes I forget this.
*Learn to sew -AND actually make stuff, cute stuff, and something in RED
*Buy Boots- I know this is not very spiritual but I have wanted boots for 3 years and I really want to get a pair this year so I just added them to the list-

So this is my short list so far. What made me want to make a list this year is I really started thinking of how long a year really is. For me it is not 365 days, I live in increments of 14 days. I take my cancer meds. for 14 days then I am off for 14 days and then repeat it again I do this for a year. That means I could live for a year or not, I could live for 20 years or not, but my choice is this I want to make every day count After all I could be crossing the street and get hit by a charging moose and die, you just don't know! What a difference a day makes when you make that day count for something more than yourself. (OK maybe I shouldn't have let you know about the boots) 
After all reading the bible every day is great, but if you are not DOING something with that knowledge about a true and loving God what good is it. And being healed from a disease is great but if your life is just about living for you what good is that.  So maybe I make a list with the hope that every day God will change me and make me a better person with a purpose for Him.  So I hope you will make today be
“The Best Day Ever!"  

Hebrews 13:8 -Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

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Artistic Housewife

I am so going to do this!!! Thanks for a wonderful idea, actully it is a couple of wonderful ideas. We all need to live each moment at a time, not in huge sweeping strokes. BTW- When you head up my way (notice I said when not if!), you may get run over by a moose!

Merry Graham

You are the coolest blogger...just loving it. Keep shining!

Lynnette Kraft

Well, I think it sounds like a rather grand idea - since you don't like the real new year. Your list is perfect - right down to the boots. Sometimes you just gotta go for the gusto!

Happy New Year Laura! :)


Laura - maybe you should subscribe to the Jewish way of doing things - fall IS their new year - I like to meditate on Yom Kippur, Rosh Hoshanna and the High Holy Days... wonderful... have a book you could look at... autumn is more a time of new beginning to me, too. Maybe because my bday is September... used to be 1st day of school or 1st day of rain... 1st day of new shoes... love your blogs... Linda


I don't really like the new year either. I've learned that I end up reflecting on my year when we come home from our annual trip to the lake. There's too much pressure with the New Year....I need to do my own thing.

I love your list.

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