Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Remission or Re-Mission

I looked up the word "remission" today to see what is the actually meaning of the word. This is what I got
the act or an instance of remitting; specif.,

1. forgiveness or pardon, as of sins or crimes

2. cancellation of or release from a debt, tax, penalty, etc.

3. A lessening or abating, as of heat or cold, pain, etc.

4. a relatively prolonged lessening or disappearance of the symptoms of a disease

What was amazing to me is the definition I thought I would see first being related to cancer, and it was not first it was last. The first was about forgiveness or pardon can you believe that! I have a get out of my own jail free card. Then it says cancellation of or release from debt OK now I no longer have to carry that burden of trying to “be good enough” or just the act of paying back others to be accepted I have been released. The third definition is a lessening (reduction) of pain, so all of my disappointments are lessened so I don’t even have to remember them. Now the last thing on the list is a disappearance of the symptoms of a disease not just as in related to cancer but any disease of hurt, as in hurt of in my heart or trouble in my life that has tried to eat away at my joy. So let me get this right in my head I am IN "remission"… I no longer have to carry my sin it is gone, I no longer have to “do” more or “be” more, my grief is gone, my wound in my heart is so small I can not even feel it, and lastly no longer will I see any of that it has been removed, moved out, gone, absent, no more, cease to exist.

I am in "remission" because of Christ not because I don’t have signs of cancer. Cancer may come or go it picks and chooses who it wants to infect, but Gods' "remission" is everlasting it is for everyone. Even in the dictionary, a simple word brings us back to God, how he has pardoned my sins because of Jesus. He did all of that for me and He can do the same for you if you just ask Him too. May this Christmas you have "REMISSION" and receive His gift for you

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T. J. Knowlton

This is so powerful. I look forward to seeing how God uses this testimony on this beautiful blog. Blessings.

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